Grade 3 to Grade 4 Classes

(P7, S1-S6)

Every RAD and ISTD grade is a stepping stone to the next level providing the best training for dancers whether it is their hobby or future career. Each syllabus is designed to built strength and technique, flexibility, stamina, creativity but most of all show how you love to perform and how exciting and diverse dancing really is. These classes are available in ballet, tap, jazz (commercial and lyrical). 

Time Table

Day Place Time

Dardanelle Sudios, Armadale Road, Whitburn EH47 0ET

5.30 – 6.15  grade 3 jazz (Grade 2 ballet other hall)

6.15-7.00  grade 3 ballet (Grade 2 Jazz other hall)

7.30-8.00  grade 3 Tap (7.00-7.30 Grade 2 tap)

7.00-8.00  grade 4 ballet

8.00-8.45  grade 4 jazz

8.45-9.30  grade 4 tap



Bathgate Regal Reconnect Theatre, 24-34 North Bridge Street, Bathgate EH48 4PS 

1.00-3.30 Grade 3 ballet, tap and jazz