Contemporary Classes


We have Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level classes. Contemporar…

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Dudes and Divas Classes

Two and a half to five year olds

Using movement to current music through actions and exercises. We use …

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Tiny Tots Classes

(Age 2.5-5 years)

Using movement to music through storytelling and actions.  We use…

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Pre Junior Classes

(P1 and P2)

This is a follow on class from Tiny tots learning to join steps togeth…

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Junior Classes

(P3 and P4)

RAD and ISTD syllabus work is taught in all ballet, tap and jazz class…

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Grade 1 & 2 Classes


A continuation of the RAD and ISTD syllabus work in ballet, tap and ja…

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Grade 3 to Grade 6 Classes

(P7, S1-S6)

Every RAD and ISTD grade is a stepping stone to the next level providi…

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Elite Squad (Ballet tap and jazz) Elite 1 to Intermediate Classes

(P3 to S6+)

Dance world pupils are invited to join elite classes. Pupils can enter…

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Streetdance / Breakdancing

(Age 5 plus)

Various urban dance styles are taught including lockin, poppin, breaki…

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Elite Squad - pulsationZ - Street dance

age 7 upwards

4 categories – under 10’s, under 14’s, under 18 and …

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Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate Class

Major examination syllabus

Pupils will have covered the grade syllabus in various genres.  S…

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Acro and Creative Choreography Class

Age 5 upwards

There are different level classes for Acro and choreography and pupils…

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