Elite Squad (Ballet tap and jazz) Junior Elite to elite 4 Classes

(P3 to S6+)

Dance world pupils are invited to join elite classes. Pupils can enter elite the squad at anytime but must study ballet, tap and jazz.

Criteria for elite is that pupils must have superb attendance to all classes, be hard working and have a natural aptitude for ballet/tap/jazz dance styles. They will be expected to attend extra classes/workshops and must come to class dressed appropriately to all classes. There is a big commitment involved especially during our show runs and there is a big emphasis on performance, strengthening their technique, stamina and flexibility which is necessary for the class standard and exams they are put forward for. They are also encouraged to attend contemporary classes and/or streetdance classes. The more styles of dance they can master the more accomplished performer/dancer they will become.

Time Table

Day Place Time

Dardanelle studios, Armadale Road, Whitburn EH47 0ET

5.30-6.15 Elite 1 ballet

6.15-7.00 Elite 1 jazz

7.15-7.45  Elite 1 tap

5.30-6.15 Elite 2 tap

6.15-7.00  Elite 2 jazz

7.45-8.30  Elite 2 ballet

7.00-7.45  elite 3 jazz

7.00-7.45  Elite 4 ballet

7.45-8.30  elite choreo for grade 3 & 4 upwards






Dardanelle Studios, Armadale Road, Whitburn eh470ET

5.30-6.15 Elite 3 ballet

6.15-7.00  Elite 3 tap

5.30-6.15   Elite 4 jazz

7.00-7.45  Elite 4 tap



Dardanelle Studios, Armadale Road, Whitburn

5.30-7.00  Junior Elite ballet, tap and jazz