Contemporary Classes


We have Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level classes.

Contemporary dance stresses versatility and improvisation.  It focuses on floor work using gravity to pull them down to the floor.  The two most common techniques are Cunningham and Graeme.

Because Contemporary dance has elements of modern, jazz, lyrical and ballet our dancers take to this very well and thoroughly enjoy these classes.

There is a huge benefit in doing all these styles and it makes you a much more rounded dancer and very versatile and diverse.  It will also help your core strength, stamina and flexibility.

We try to give our pupils time to be creative in these classes which will help their choreography skills and develop their sense of performance as a dancer and a choreographer.  Most secondary schools concentrate on contemporary and it is a huge part of the Standard Grade, Higher and Advanced Higher Dance Examination.


There will be Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level classes for Acro and Choreography.

There will also be contemporary classes at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels too.

Time Table

Day Place Time

PYRAMIDS DANCE STUDIO, pyramids business park, Bathgate

7.30-8.15  Beginner and Intermediate Contemporary class

8.15-9.00 Intermediate and Advanced Contemporary class

9.00-9.30  Choreo and Theory help for Nat 5/Higher Contemporary Dance