Streetdance / Breakdancing

(Age 4 plus)

Various urban dance styles are taught including lockin, poppin, breaking, whacking, house, funk, tutting to name but a few. These classes are really popular with boys and girls and we have Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. We haveinstructors who have competed internationally and have won both Scottish and World Championships.

Time Table

Day Place Time

Dardanelle Studios

11a Armadale Road, Whitburn EH47 0ET


4:45-5:30pm 4+ streetdance

5:30-6:30pm 8+ streetdance

6:30-7:30pm prep class


7:30-8:30pm prep class

8:30-9:15pm strength and conditioning 


Hopetoun Heights 

2-4 Hopetoun Lane, Bathgate EH48 1PP

5:00-5:45pm 4+ streetdance 

5:45-6:45pm 8+ streetdance