Inter F and Inter classes

Major examination syllabus

Pupils will have covered the grade syllabus in various genres.  Strength and flexibility are a must for this work.  Technique classes will be given in barre work, pointe work, pirouettes, allegro, floor work and all travelling steps. A huge emphasis will be made on performance and space awareness.  You will be encouraged to work on your own choreoraphy and you can assist with teaching and show work/costumes/design etc.

RAD and ISTD are two of the front runners in dance training in the world of dance.  Their syllabus is taught in over 80 countries worldwide and in most reputable dance colleges.  It is recommended that students doing major exam syllabus work should attend atleast 3 hours per subject per week to obtain the necessary strength, technique, knowledge and performance required to pass Intermediate F or Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 in either ballet, tap or jazz.


Time Table

Day Place Time

Dardanelle Studios

11a Armadale Road, Whitburn, EH47 0ET

5.15-6.15 intermediate jazz

6.15-7.15  intermediate tap

7:15-8:15pm advanced modern/ gold Jazz

8:15-9:30pm mixed styles class




Dardanelle Studios

11a Armadale Road, Whitburn EH47 0ET


8:30-9:30pm intermediate ballet 


Hopetoun heights 

2-4 Hopetoun Lane, Bathgate EH48 1PP

1:30-2:30pm intermediate foundation ballet 

4:30-5:30pm jazz technique

5:30-6:30pm intermediate Jazz

6:30-7:30pm intermediate ballet